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   E Komo Mai!

Welcome to!!!
Welcome School Year 2014-15!!!

Well, well, how things have changed.  By now everyone must know that I am not at Hilo High this year.  I'm across town at Waiakea Intermediate School serving as vice principal.  So far it's been a great, though challenging, experience.  

I wish I could have made a more proper good bye from Hilo High.  Unfortunately, this move was not a sure thing until shortly before the school year began and to say something about the possibility would have seemed very presumptuous on my part.

While I will miss Hilo High and especially my Class of 2016, the Sharks, I'll still do what I can with this website to help out.  But be forewarned, the information on these pages may be old so please check with your counselor directly.  

What I have updated is the PTP page (for the class of 2015 and beyond) and the Testing page.  (I'm still in contact with Mr. Oyama so if you see something else that you need updated info for, ask him and we can work together to take care of the need.)

That's about all I can say at the moment, except that it looks like the new counselors are going to be great!  It makes me feel much better about leaving knowing that the students are in good hands!  

       Go Vikes!

Aloha, everyone!!!

About the site, on the navigation bar to your left will be the major categories which I think will be helpful to students and parents trying to find their way through post-high school planning.  I'll be adding as we go along, so please bear with me.
So here it is!  Hope you find it helpful!
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