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Welcome to!!!
Welcome School Year 2016-17!!!

Hi!  Well, now here we are in school year 2016-2017!  How time flies!  I just noticed that the Class of 2017 has to get their PTP's done soon.  Please confirm with your counselors whether Hilo High is still using the same documents for the PTP as are available on this website.  It's been a couple years (2014) since I left HHS so things may have changed.  

While the rest of the site may be helpful, things which require dates are old such as the testing page.  Also the scholarship page is out of date though I'm sure most to the scholarships listed are still active.  (I will make an attempt to update scholarships between now (11/25/16 and Christmas.)

Vikings, work hard at improving yourselves in all ways; academically and personally.  Prepare yourselves for the crossroad you will face much sooner than you may think...Graduation and stepping out into the world as an adult!  Take advantage of all the help you have available to you now.  I hope that in a few years you'll be glad you did and not wishing that you did!

       Go Vikes!

Aloha, everyone!!!

About the site, on the navigation bar to your left will be the major categories which I think will be helpful to students and parents trying to find their way through post-high school planning.  I'll be adding as we go along, so please bear with me.
So here it is!  Hope you find it helpful!
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