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PTP Summer!
Summer is almost here, Juniors!  And this will be your last summer as a returning high school student (we hope!). 
Have a great time over the vacation, but give a little time and attention to your Personal Transition Plan. 
Completing portions of your PTP over the summer will help you in a number of ways.  One, you won't have to rush to get your PTP in on time.  Two, having your PTP nearly done will allow you to focus on the many other things seniors need to be concerned about, for example, post high school planning, financial aid applications, scholarship applications, sports and other student activities. 
And three, it will give you one less thing to have to worry about. 
Please see Coach Kalani in the CDC (A-1) to check out your PTP.  Remember, it will be your responsibility to take care of it.  If you lose it, too bad, so sad, you will need make a new one that meets the same standards by the PTP submission deadline (which will probably be in December).
If you do decided to take home your PTP, here's a couple of tips from Coach Kalani regarding how you can best help yourself:
  1. Look for Work Samples.  It seems a lot of the seniors this year had not saved Work Samples from their ninth, tenth and even eleventh grades.  If you haven't either, now would be a good time to hunt down those old folders you have stashed around the house.  Remember, you're looking for "Best Work" so take the best you can find.
  2. Work on PTP items which require written statements like your Request for Letter of Recommendation and Personal Statement.  Summer is a good time to spend some time thinking about what you want to say.  The last thing you want to do on things like these is to rush and just write "anykine".  This will just weaken your entire PTP possibly to the point that it is not acceptable.
  3. Pull together your Certificates and Formal Assessments.  Everyone has gotten some type of certificate in recognition of academic, sports or student activities achievements.  Same thing with assessments.  You've all taken the HSA, PSAT, SAT and other tests and you've received score reports.  Find them!  Include them in your PTP!
You don't have to stop there, but those are three tips from Coach Kalani.  Come visit him in the CDC before the year is out to get your PTP and more advise on how to push your PTP nearer to completion and have a less stressful senior year!
Here's a couple of examples for you to look over.  These are from exempliary PTP's done by outstanding seniors this year.  I've removed their names and they have agreed to let me to post their workt this way.
Here's a some samples (You will need a .pdf reader):