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This information was for the 2010-2011 school year.  I will update soon.  Everything will be nearly the same though the prices for everything will likely go up...dang it!
Hey you!  Junior!  You're going to be a Senior next year, right? 
Well, guess what? 
Senior year comes with lots of activities and whatnot, yes?  Well, what do you get with activities and whatnot? 
That's right!  Expenses!
Here's a quick rundown of some of the major events and costs that you should start saving for now:
Senior Pictures:  Can range from almost $0 to $200 and more depending on if you have your mom take your picture with her little digital camera or if you go to professional photographer.  Check out these celebrity yearbook will make you feel better about how yours comes out!
Cap and Gown:  $46 until December 1st, then it goes up to $66.  And February 1st it goes up to $86!  And finally, if you have not placed your order by March 1st, you will not get a Cap and Gown.  And with no Cap and Gown, no walking the line.  So please do not procrastinate on this.  Order early when the Cap and Gown is the cheapest it will ever be ($46)!  And by the way, Balfour (the company that makes the Caps and Gowns also has announcements and other things associated with graduation available for a cost.  Here's a link to the Balfour website for more information.
Yearbook:  $40 (this year).  This price may change for next year so think of $40 as an estimate.  Seniors really should get the yearbook for their senior year.  And remember, the price goes up on the yearbook the longer you wait to order, so like Caps and Gowns, it's best to order/pay early.  It will save you money!
Class Ring:  $199 to $625 depending on type.  This is completely optional, but just so you know, that's the price range.
Prom:  $80 (this year).  Again, this price may change for next year so consider $80 an approximate cost for prom.  This is another thing seniors should try not to miss.  Of course, $80 only covers the cost of the prom bid itself.  Dresses, tuxedos, shoes, corsages and other things can raise the cost considerably.  But remember that you can look good at prom without spending on those items, too.  It's up to you and your budget.
Winterball:  $30 (this year).  Another approximate cost for next year.  And same as prom, this will be your last, so try to go if can!  But again, same as prom, there will be other incidental costs, like dresses, tuxes and other optional things.  Plan ahead and remember that you don't have to go crazy on this stuff.  If you check your closet, you just may have something that will look plenty nice enough! 
Senior Class Fundraising:  ?  You do know that to get the maximum number of tickets for graduation, some amount of fundraising is in order.  This year it was cookie sales and I don't know what else.  And I don't know about you, but it seems that in my household, we always wind up eating a majority of whatever the fundraiser item who gets stuck with the bill?  We do!  Hopefully, you're a better salesperson than my guys...
SAT Test:  $45 (this year).  It may go up a dollar or two next year.  Some people take the test more than once, too!  (Let it be known though, that if you qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch, students are eligible for a fee waiver.  If that's you, see Mr. Carpenter before registering for the SAT!  And check the Testing page on this website for more info.)
College Application Fees:  $50 to $100 and sometimes more.  And that's for each four year college to which you apply!  (Community Colleges usually have little or no charge for application.)  These fees are just to get the college to look over your application.  There is no guarantee that you will be accepted and you don't get the money back if you aren't.  (For students who qualified for the SAT waiver, remember that college application fee waivers are also available for you.  Check with Mr. Carpenter on that!)
School Dues and Obligations:  ?  I don't remember what the dues were this year, but I promise you, we will have them next year.  Also, if you lost a book or didn't take care of some other obligation, you will have to pay those' money, mo' money, mo' money! 
The above is just what the Junior STARS committee and I could think of off the top of our heads.  I'm sure there is something more that could be listed, but I think you get the idea.  Better start saving for these expenses now, because the time will go by quickly. 
Now for some important dates associated with Senior Year
  • Senior pictures due to Ms. Moore by the End of August for inclusion in the yearbook!
  • Place order for your Cap and Gown (while it's the lowest price - $46)  And if you order your Cap and Gown in September, you will get to nominate your preference for Senior Class Song!  Only students who complete their orders for the Cap and Gown in September will have this opportunity.  Also, if you would like other things like announcements and such, you can order those through Balfour at the same time and it will, of course, be a little more than the $46.
  • ACT Registration deadline for October Test!  September 17th
  • HCC Kama'aina Application process begins.  (Not sure if its later in the year but take note.)  This will be the absolute easiest college application you will ever do and so long as you complete this one page form completely, you will be accepted!  Listen to the announcements in the morning to hear when the good folks of HCC will be coming.  All you will need is your social security number, general info like mailing address and some idea of what program you would want to go into.  It's that easy!
  • ACT Test given at Hilo High October 23rd.
  • Vote for Senior Class Song.
  • ACT Registration deadline for December Test!  November 5th
  • SAT Test given at Hilo High!  November 6th
  • On the 1st, Cap and Gown prices go up to $66.  (Don't wait this long!)
  • ACT Test given at Hilo High December 11th.
  • UH Manoa's Priority Application Deadline. Early January (Was January 4th this year.  It will be around there next year.)
  • On the 1st, Cap and Gown prices go up to $86.  (Really don't wait this long!)
  • On the 1st, Cap and Gowns can no longer be ordered.  Students without a Cap and Gown will not be able to walk the line.  Also, Senior Song Practice begins.  (Students:  Don't miss a single song practice!  You will not earn extra graduation tickets if you miss practice!)
  • UH Hilo's Priority Admission and Financial Aid deadline! March 1st
  • UH Manoa's Priority Financial Aid deadline!  March 1st
  • Hawai'i Community Foundation Scholarship Application deadline!  March 1st
  • ACT Registration deadline for April Test!  March 4th
  • SAT Test given at Hilo High!  March 12th
  • Song practice continues.
  • UH Hilo's Priority Housing Deadline!
  • ACT Test given at Hilo High April 9th.
  • Graduation somewhere near the third week of May.  (This year it's the 21st.  Next year will likely be around that date as well.)
  • UH Manoa's Priority Housing Application deadline!  (This year it was May 3rd.  Not sure about the specific day for next year.  Check their website!)
  • SAT Test given at Hilo High!  May 7th
Now there is undoubtedly more activites than what I've listed above, but this gives you some idea of how busy you're going to be.  Plan ahead in terms of scheduling your time and saving your money and you'll be much better off!
Check back as I'll be adding more about Senior Year as it occurs to me.  Class of 2011, you're almost there!!!
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