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Official transcript requests must be made formally through the registrar's office.  While we counselors have access, for a transcript to be deemed official by a receiving college or university, it must bear the school seal and the registrar's signature.
 Click here for .pdf form
To request a transcript, please complete the transcript request form.  This from can be obtained at the registrar's office or click on the form at right and it will open as a .pdf file which you can print.   
When completing the form, please fill in as much as you can.  Forms submitted which are incomplete will delay the processing of your transcript request.  All students who are under 18 must have their parent's signature at the bottom as well as their own.
When completed, please return the form to the registrar's office window on the makai side of the administration office.
Note that you have several options in how the registrar's clerk will process your request.
  1. Do you want your test scores included with the transcript?  This is in reference to your SAT scores, etc.  In most cases the answer is "yes".  Most colleges will accept your college entrance test scores from the school, though some will not.  You must check the requirements of the colleges to which you are applying to be sure.  In any case, it probably will not hurt to have the test scores sent along with your transcript.
  2. How do you want your transcript?  The three main ways are: Sent by the registrar's office through the mail directly to the school, pick it up from the registrar's office to mail yourself (it will be in an "unofficial if opened" envelope) or an "E transcript" sent to your counselor (this is a must if applying through the Common Application).
  3. How many copies would you like?  Sometimes, if applying to many colleges, you will want to request more than one at a time.  
  4. When do you want it done?  Immediately with present grades?  After the nearest quarter grades are posted?  Or when final grades are in?  (Virtually all colleges will expect a "final" transcript sent at the end of the school year.)
  5. And, of course, the signatures.  Please remember that a transcript request cannot be processed for a minor without the parent's signed consent.
Please allow 4-5 days processing time, which means don't wait until the day before an application deadline to request your transcript. 
The cost is $1 per transcript with the first two free.  I strongly suggest that you get one of those free copies for you to review and make sure everything you think should be on your transcript is actually there.  It doesn't happen often, but there have been instances in which students have earned credits, usually from a source external to Hilo High, and for some reason the record of that credit does not reach our registrar.  If you see something amiss, bring it to our attention right away so that we can resolve the issue in time for a complete transcript to be ready to sent to your prospective college or university.
For past students who live far away, I'm sorry but you will need to utilize the U.S. Mail to request your transcript.  Please use the form above, complete it (I suggest you write the address you want it sent to), include a check or money order for the $1 or more for multiple copies and mail the form to:
          Hilo High School
          556 Waianuenue Avenue
          Hilo, Hawai'i  96720
          Attn:  Registrar's Clerk
As always, if you have questions, please contact your counselor asap!

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