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Running Start
Running Start is a program which allows qualified high school students to take courses from Community College or UH and earn concurrent credit.  This means that if a student successfully completes English 100 from HCC, he or she will get credit for freshman college English and
senior high school English! 
Of course the first thing interested students should do is consult with their school counselor.  After getting more information, students should then talk with their parents or guardians.  If, after talking it over, it still seems like a good idea, follow the steps below.
To qualify, high school students must complete the online Running Start application, the UH Common Application and must take and pass the Compass Test which is the University of Hawai'i system English and Math placement test that all incoming students must take.  So it may a little bit of work to get it, but the benefits of college experience and credit are worth it!
Here's the Running Start homepage.  It provides most everything there is to know about this program.  On the menu at right, the third item down is a link to the application.  It's pretty straightforward.  The only slightly tricky part is that you have to remember to print a hard copy of the application as well as click submit for the electronic version to go of to the Running Start people.  There are also four signatures required; student, parent, counselor and principal.  
The UH Common Application can be obtained at Counseling Center (Room A-2).  Of course, students should first consult their counselor and parents and be sure this is something they want to commit to.
At right is a link to HCC's Hale Kea Testing Center.  Their site has information about the Compass Test.  After completing their applications and receiving a UH ID number, students will be able to schedule a time to take the Compass.  Remember, students must pass in order to participate in the Running Start program.  But even if students do not pass, it is better to know where you stand, especially for students who plan to attend HCC or UH after graduation.
And finally, a word about scheduling.  I think the original idea for Running Start was that students might go to high school in the morning, then after lunch leave campus and go to the community college in the afternoon. 
Sounds like a great idea, right?  Well, like most great ideas, there are some snags in actual practice.  The main problem has been that the high school class schedule simply has not meshed well with the college class schedule.  So the way it has worked in recent times is that students have been taking Running Start courses outside of the regular school day, either after school or, in some cases, through on-line courses. 
The main point here is that Hilo High expects students to be Hilo High students first and if there is a conflict in scheduling, meeting Hilo High's requirements comes first.  
That's about it.  Again, please consult your counselor regarding whether the Running Start program would be a good idea for you!
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