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Student Support
Here's some things that might help your student if they're struggling:
  • Contact the Teacher:  Of course, the first step must be contacting the teacher to find out the teachers perspective.  Contact the teacher listed on the report card either by email or phone.  You may want to have a personal meeting with the teacher if there is much to discuss.  But however it is done, you must get the teachers view and the specifics of what went into a failing or otherwise low grade.  To make a solid plan of how to solve the problem, we need to first understand the problem.  That starts with contacting the teacher.  Hilo High Teacher Telephone extention numbers (note that typically one can get the staff member's email address by using first name_last  I wish we had mail to links on the Hilo High page.)


  • After-school Math Tutoring:  As usual, we won't know if math tutoring after school will be available until the budget for this year is clarified.  FYI the school receives or loses money based on the number of students we have on "count day".  If we have more students than projected we may get money, but depend on the State.  All I can say is we're still waiting to know.

  • UH Manoa now offers free online tutoring!  And it's interactive!  Go to their website and follow the instructions and you will soon be connecting with a UHM student tutor!  I checked with them and it seems they get mostly Math questions, but can help with whatever they can, even Chemistry!  Click here for the UHM Online Learning Academy home page!  


  • Daily Student Progress Report Forms or as they are affectionately called "Dog Tags".  Often asked for by parents, this form is carried from teacher to teacher throughout the day by students and presented by the students to the teachers for feedback.  It is the student's responsibility to request teachers to fill out this form at the end of each period.  It is not the teacher's responsibility to ask for the form.  This form is only effective if there is follow-up at home interms of consequences.  Here is a link for the form which is in MS Word format.  (I'll try to get an open source version up at some time in the future.  Daily Student Progress Report Form.

That's all for now.  Check in again from time to time for new information and links!  And as always, if you have concerns, please contact Your Counselors!