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Our little UH Hilo has been growing in leaps and bounds!  A new student center with an Olympic size pool no less.  We've all seen the construction which continues to the benefit of our students.  And, of course, UH Hilo has already been identified as one of the countries greatest small college values. 
And UH Hilo is probably the most attainable four year college.  So long as a student has maintained a 3.0 GPA in 17 core/college prep courses, the SAT is a formality and no particular score is required.  For students who are below 3.0, UH Hilo may still be available but the SAT then becomes a factor, but the sliding scale is not too harsh.  Here's a link to UH Hilo's admissions requirements.
One of the worlds best-kept secrets for a high-quality college education is found at the University of Hawaii at Hilo (UH Hilo). The main ingredients for a successful and enjoyable college life are waiting for students: the Spirit of Aloha within the University and surrounding community, a friendly and caring environment, one-on-one interaction with faculty and staff members, small class size, natural island laboratories, valuable hands-on learning and leadership opportunities, collaborative work with faculty members, and the many exciting outdoor activities. These are the very qualities that have made UH Hilo an increasingly attractive campus for college-seeking students.
And with the economy sputtering, the value of UH Hilo is even greater!  "But how much is it?", I can hear parents asking.  Next year it will be $277 per credit or $3,324 for full time enrollment.  Here's a link to UH Hilo's tuition schedule.  Seem high?  Remember that UH Manoa's tuition cost is $410 per credit or $4,920 for full time enrollment.  When considered in that light, the value represented by UH Hilo is clear!
And for those who still want the broadening experience of a mainland college, UH Hilo is a member of the National Student Exchange Program in which undergraduate students can spend a year at one of hundreds of mainland and international colleges at the price of a year at UH Hilo!  Here's a link for more information about the National Student Exchange Program. 
And we are fortunate to have a friend at UHH! 
Mr. Curtis Nishioka, a Viking, is our UH Hilo Admissions Representative.  He is always happy to try to help students and parent.  Please give him a call at 974-7414 or click here to email Curtis.
Important Dates
Fall Application Deadline:  July 1, 2014 (Note that if you wait until July, you will have missed the priority deadlines for Financial Aid and Housing.
Financial Aid Application Priority Deadline:  March 1, 2014
Housing Application Priority Deadline:  March 1, 2014
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